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pencil shaving tiger sculpture ohio

Alongside years of collecting mundane, retail objects, I elevate them as artistic materials. I gather most of my materials from places we all go every day. Consequentially, my palette is limited by market availability. This restriction forces me to very deliberately consider every element and permutation in the body of work.

Every sculpture evokes an unique character and presence; each presents a different personality and motive. Attention is given to color, transparency, texture and form. Scale is important. These, along with other compositional elements, combine to form a whole icon.

Many of the pieces in the show are formulaic. Some are expressionist. All are both.

I do not emulate nature, I mock her.

Neditation | 2015
AnaThema | 2014
Dialynisus | 2015
Ken Dahar | 2015
Pig In Pajamas | 2014
Madonna Oblongota | 2015
Moe Gadishu | 2014
Miss Anthrope | 2014
Whoroscope | 2014
Penny Cillin | 2015
Brass Tastesbad | 2014
AnaThema | 2014 (Detail)
Lemmy Atterbush | 2015
Taryn Hymen | 2014
Percy Fell | 2014
Sir Cumference | 2015
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